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Duane Dorshorst - Executive Director

Presidents' Message


Stacey Green

Stockton Elementary

Joe Gerber

Halstead High School

On behalf of the Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals and the Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals, we offer our welcome and support as we celebrate the 2019-2020 school year together!

In Hamish Brewer’s book, Relentless, he poses the question, “When you look over your shoulder, who will be standing there?” He goes on to say that, “The answer is simple: “Every single one of us!” We are in this together!” As organizations to support principals in Kansas we will be here for you - we hope you become an active member, reach out, network, and ask for what you need. Together we can change the outcomes for our students, staff, and our profession. Let us be a part of your team! We are stronger as ONE! 

We look forward to getting to know each of you as an individual and serving you through our organizations. Please contact us and share how we can make a difference for you. 


Stacey Green, President, KAESP               Joe Gerber, President, KASSP