KAESP Member Benefits

Professional Learning:  KAESP is committed to providing professional development to principals at all points in their career, from aspiring to retiring.  These opportunities include workshops aligned to relevant topics throughout the year, but also include collaborative online opportunities that members can access from their office.  Specifically, the Annual Conference, held November 8th and 9th in Wichita, is an excellent opportunity for professional growth. 


Networking Opportunities:  KAESP realizes how important it is that you have access to colleagues, who have been in your shoes, and can give you sound advice.  Therefore, we prioritize giving our members opportunities to interact and strengthen their professional learning network throughout the year.  Kansas principals have a strong tradition of supporting one another and if you need advice or ideas for your building, KAESP will ensure you get the answers you need.

Publications:  KAESP consistently distributes information to its members through an electronic newsletter that includes information about educational leadership and the role of the principal from a variety of voices and viewpoints. 

Advocacy/Policy Communication:  KAESP is networked and monitoring key legislation and policy movements at both the state and national levels.  We will keep you up-to-speed on what is happening and ensure that the views and importance of principal leadership is communicated to key stakeholders.

Awards and Recognitions:  KAESP values the work of principals and we want to highlight the great work you are doing by recognizing principals through awards and recognitions throughout the year. 


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